Helios comes as an effective value for money solar home lighting and mobile charging system which powers three super bright LED bulbs, each producing upto 200 lumens of light output, and an USB port to charge mobile devices

Helios is a simple plug and play device which is very easy to install, use and maintain. Once installed, it gives the convenience of lighting up three separate locations in your house, all controlled with a click of a switch

It serves as a permanent replacement for households relying on kerosene lamps/candles for lighting and places with intermittent energy supply, by providing clean, affordable and reliable energy for your home lighting and charging mobile devices.

HELIOS Features

Power Box

Strong and sturdy powder coated metal casing which can be easily wall mounted inside the house

LED Bulbs

Enjoy up to 15 hours of bright lighting with these LED bulbs, each with a 3m cable and switch for easy reach and use

Solar PV Module

Solar PV module which comes with a 4 meter cable and connector to start charging the batteries in just one step

USB Port

Power your mobile phones and other USB mobile devices with HELIOS

Simple Design and Maximum Output

Quality of Life

Eliminates the dependency on Kerosene/Candles/Intermittent power supply and provides an environment which is cleaner, safer, healthier and comfortable to live

Economic Improvement

Saves money on expensive Kerosene/Candles used for lighting and provides a boost to the productivity and economic output of the users


Converts the whole prohibitive environment into a much conducive setting for children to study, do their homework and engage in several other useful learning & developing activities

Zero Carbon Emissions

HELIOS, powered by solar energy has zero carbon emissions and significantly saves the environmental degradation caused earlier by Kerosene used for lighting

HELIOS Benefits


Greater Illumination:
Each of the three LED bulbs provided along with HELIOS produces an output of up to 200 lumens

Easy Accessibility:
The LED bulbs come each with a 3m cable and a switch for easy operation. This arrangement helps in illuminating three separate locations at the same time
Solar Module is provided with a 4m cable and a connector, for easy reach from the roof to the Power Box kept inside your house

HELIOS is a portable device and is extremely easy to install and uninstall for being carried to a new location

Our high-quality CE certified batteries and battery management system developed for HELIOS ensures the highest lighting back up and long battery life
On a completely charged battery, the user can get upto 15 hours of lighting backup by using one light bulb and upto 5 hours when using all three together
Helios also comes with an in-built USB port which helps the user charge their mobile device

A Standard Helios Kit includes:
– Solar module with cable & connector
– Power Box, which includes the battery, the battery management system and all the connecting ports
– 3 LED Bulbs, each with a 3m cable, switch and connectors
– Installation and User Guide