Piconergy Energy Access Triangle

We develop Impactfull energy access projects

At Piconergy, we see clean energy access being fundamental towards catalysing the socio-economic development of the financially poor & the underserved. Through our Piconergy Energy Access Triangle (PEAT) methodology, we connect capital with their pressing energy needs, where every rupee directed in our high impact clean energy access initiatives, earns highest social returns, and significantly improves lives of the users

Needs Assessment & Strategy

We identify and engage with key stakeholders, and by employing a mix of primary and secondary research, map down the energy needs of the end users

We design strategies which drive our collective efforts in the direction of producing unique, long lasting and high impact outcomes in the lives of the financially poor and the underserved, by the multiplier effect powered by clean energy access

Planning & Implementation

We plan and implement project designs along with our project partners, where we ensure there is a strong local participation, sense of ownership and pride towards the projects among the communities we serve. This approach along training the end users on using clean energy products and building local capacity, significantly helps towards implementation and sustainability of our projects

Impact Assessment

Our impact assessments helps to clearly assess and understand the impact our clean energy access projects have delivered in the lives of the users on a range of socio-economic and environmental indicators.